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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest Week 29

This contest is Over go Here for the latest:

The 'Almost Famous'
Bodgey Bagels
Caption Contest

Number 29
Entries in by 7th Aug

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest

will now always be available from:

Or see the caption link in the Mr Bagel Menu.

This Week's Prizes:
1st Prize: Flight sharing 2 seats with this football player
2nd Prize: Flight sharing 1 seat with this football player
(*conditions apply)

Take note of New deadline Tuesdays!

** All entries must be in before Tuesday 7th Aug **

... Caption away!
Leave your entries in the comments section
before Tuesday 7th Aug.
Take Note of New weekly Tuesday Deadline

[If your caption is not in English,
Please leave a translation of text]

May the best caption win!

The Winner of the Last Contest No 28: is...

The 28th 'almost famous' Bodgey Bagel
Weekly Photo Caption contest winner.

1st Place: Whattayamean you packed the map in the bottom suitcase?!? Everybody off! [cowboy blob]
2nd Place: Due to their junkyard success, Sanford and Son expand their operations to the Middle East. [ rt ]
3rd Place: Guy 1: Can I get a lift?
Driver: I can't do it cap'n! I dun't have the powwwer! [ GOP & College ]
4th Place: Hey Bob! Could you throw that box of mints up here...I think I have room for one.d [ Dennis ]
Honorable Mentions:
Tie the dog up
The Gardeners are here to cut the grass [ Yid With Lid ]
HM: Let me tell a story 'bout this guy "Jamil Hussien",(...continues) [ 2spothipshot ]
Bagel's Dishonourable Mention: Hey you fellows it seems when I was up top I've dropped my truck keys can any one see them? [ Bagel]
Thanks for last weeks entries folks!! Bagelblogger

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If you want to add your caption contest just ask..

With Thanks to all those that entered
Mr Bagel
Technorati: * * * * * * Jew * Jewish * BagelBlogger * Bodgey Bagel


GOP & College said...

1) Damn you Dunlap Disease!

2) Coach says if I work hard, I can run a 4.4 second 40 inch.

3) Much to the dismay of his fans, NFL rules mandated that poor Mango had to wear a shirt under his cut-off.

Dennis said...

Bob, stop hiding the Ball...

Rodney Dill said...

Some are speculating that this will be Brett Favre's last season.

RT said...

The middle of the defensive line is looking a little deflated this year.

2spothipshot said...

Holy crap! What's Rosie tryin' to prove now ?

2spothipshot said...

Mike Moore goes deep undercover in the making of his next big super expose', "Bowling for Roger (Staubach) and Me - Or, How I Stopped Worrying about the Farenhiet and Learned to Love being a Sicko"

2spothipshot said...

The Playtex 18 hour girdle: Hour 19

2spothipshot said...

"Joe Bob! Spit out that halfback, YOU HEAR ME !?!"

2spothipshot said...

"Honest Coach, I don't know WHAT happened to the truckload of Krispy Kremes!"

2spothipshot said...

"This is my helmet,
This is my guts,
One hides my noggin,
One hides my nuts!"

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