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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest Week 28

This contest is Over go Here for the latest:

The 'Almost Famous'
Bodgey Bagels
Caption Contest

Number 28
Entries in by 31st JULY

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest

will now always be available from:

Or see the caption link in the Mr Bagel Menu.

This Week's Prizes:
1st Prize: Front seating on top of the truck baggage
2nd Prize: Side seating on the truck baggage
(*conditions apply)

Take note of New deadline Tuesdays!

** All entries must be in before Tuesday 31st July **

... Caption away!
Leave your entries in the comments section
before Tuesday 31st July.
Take Note of New weekly Tuesday Deadline

[If your caption is not in English,
Please leave a translation of text]

May the best caption win!

The Winner of the Last Contest No 27: is...

The 26th 'almost famous' Bodgey Bagel
Weekly Photo Caption contest winner.

1st Place: Hello, Dominos? Do you guarantee pizza delivery in 30 minutes? Cuz I explode in an hour! [ Cowboy Blob ]
2nd Place: You have reached Hamas Headquarters, please listen carefully as our options have changed:
to detonate a bomb press 1,
to stage a photo op press 2, to get assistance with formulating a doublespeak press release press 3, for handy kidnapping advice press 4. [ David Linn ]
3rd Place: "Yeah, Bill? Hey neighbor! Farooq, next door, here. Listen,could you keep it down? I'm trying to plot the mass murder of everyone in the mall next Friday and...O...Okay...thanks...I appreciate it." [ 2spothipshot ]
4thPlace: Damnit!! I said sell the shares of that infidel company! [ Rafi G ]
Honorable Mentions:
HM: hello... Samaritans!... can I help you? [ rabbi sedley ]
HM: "Hassan Escort Service!
Who? Rosie? She needs a date they'll accept at the Emmys? No prob.,I'll be right over."[2spothipshot ]
HM: "...Okay,got it,the cnn camera crew will set up at the check-point by 11:am and we can open fire any time after that.Send Eason all my best! Ba-Bye." [ 2spothipshot ]

Bagel's Dishonourable Mention: Hey Boss am I with Hamas or am I a rebel Palestinian terrorist this week? [BB ]
Superb entries this week people! Bagelblogger

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If you want to add your caption contest just ask..

With Thanks to all those that entered
Mr Bagel
Technorati: * * * * * * Jew * Jewish * BagelBlogger * Bodgey Bagel


Dennis said...

Hey Bob! Could you throw that box of mints up here...I think I have room for one.

Cowboy Blob said...

Whattayamean you packed the map in the bottom suitcase?!? Everybody off!

GOP & College said...

Guy 1: Can I get a lift?
Driver: I can't do it cap'n! I dun't have the powwwer!

RT said...

Due to their junkyard success, Sanford and Son expand their operations to the Middle East.

Yid With Lid said...

Tie the dog up
The Gardeners are here to cut the grass

2spothipshot said...

Let me tell a story 'bout this guy "Jamil Hussien",
Killin' infidels because he loves inflictin' pain,
Then one day he was shootin' Peg Hassan,
So the AP hired him 'cause his soul was surely gone.

Tools they is, black hearts, malice indeed!

Well "Hussien" really knows how to make up "facts" from air,
M. Malkin said, "AP! I'm goin' over there!",
She said about the truth is what ya kinda oughtta beeee,
So she flew across the pond no burqha wearer sheeee!

Scarf that is. Sharia rules, their chicks not ours

And now it's time to act like we was never caught ly-in',
'Cause we're the MSM 'n there'll be no re-port-in',
'Bout this lie we'll shuck and jive until the truth is de-e-ead,
You know, "The US is real bad" and "We make them cut he-e-eads!"

Bullspit that is. Sleep a while, shut yer brain off.

It's all Americas' fault, ya hear ?

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