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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest Week 20

This contest is Over go Here for the latest:

The 'Almost Famous'
Bodgey Bagels
Caption Contest
Number 20

UPDATE: EXTENDED TO Friday 4th of May

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest
will now always be available from:


or from Mr bagel, see the link at the top of the posting
in the top section

Take note of New deadline Fridays!

** All entries must be in before Friday 4th May **

... Caption away!
Leave your entries in the comments section
before Friday 4th May.
Take Note of New weekly Friday Deadline

[If your caption is not in English, Please leave a translation of text]

May the best caption win!

The Winner of the Last Contest No 19: (20th April)

The 19th 'almost famous' Bodgey Bagel
Weekly Photo Caption contest winner.

The 19th Bodgey Bagel Caption Contest winner is.....Drum Roll

1st Place: After Michael Moore had eaten Ronald McDonald out of house and home, he took his shopping cart to look for a new franchise to haunt. [Thomas Forsyth]
2nd Place:The latest effort by the dems to "Cheer up the Homeless" didn't work out well.[dennis]
3rd Place: Corporate layoffs leave Ronald with his personal belongings on the street. [Rafi G]
4thPlace: At Ronald McDonalds most recent public appearence, three kids were injured in unfortunate stubble incident. [DG]
Honorable Mentions:
HM: Ronald has been having to many of the new McDonalds "Happy Hour" Meals. [Sharon]
HM: Since Ronald McDonald turned 18 and was sacked from McDonalds, Hamburgler who is only 14 has been getting all the work. [Mike]
Bagel's Dishonourable Mention: After sitting on the same seat for 5 years with the same stupid smile, finally Ronald had had enough. [MrBagel]
Thanks for your great entries! Bagelblogger

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If you want to add your caption contest just ask..

With Thanks to all those that entered
Mr Bagel
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Dennis said...

Gimme back my Nuts!!!!

Lemon Lime Moon said...

"You are getting sleepy..very, very sleepy. When you awake you will think that you are a human.. now sleep and when I count to 3..."

Rafi G said...

cardiac arrest!!

Cowboy Blob said...

[Music swells]
[Fade to Black]
[Roll Credits]

Rodney Dill said...

"I am your father"

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